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Patricia's Partners in Achieving Greatness

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Eleanor Le Cain   www.TheBreakThroughWay.com

Rosemary Williams    www.womensperspective.org

Susan Furness   www.strategicsolutionsonline.com

Dr. Judi Neal – www.edgewalkers.org

Melissa Wadsworth - www.melissawadsworth.com

Frank J. De Raffele Jr. - www.EERadioShow.com

Brenda Michaels - www.conscioustalk.net

Lisa Thomas  Founder the P3Group  - www.theP3Group.com and www.InspiredByWomen.com

Paulo O'Brien - www.divination.com

Elizabeth A. Grant - "The Quantum Coach" - www.thequantumcoach.net

Angeliea Carson - Enlightened Life Readings - www.angeliea.com

Aimee Bernstein - www.openmindadventures.com   

Margit Mayra Fuchs - www.journeysintojoy.com  

Ava Lowe – lifeandlove.tv  

Alan Lowenschuss - Sunshine State Yoga Institute, Naples, Florida - www.allow-ah.com

Allison Blankenship  & Bonnie Michaels  www.lifedivas.com

Mike Valentine – “The Fitness Game” www.CatapultPerformance.com

Chris Bentley – www.5StarInstitute.com  & Vector5 demo  http://vector.5starinstitute.com/demo

Laura Whittemore –  www.wakeuptotherightperson.com

Luann Robinson Hull – www.luannrobinsonhull.com

Dr. Pamela Gerali – www.HigherTea.com

Dennis Raimondi  www.speakingfreelywithdennis.com 

Amy Ahlers  www.wakeupcallcoaching.com , www.womenmasters.com   

Add to Mike Valentine another link www.TheFitnessGame.com

“Surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher.”  Oprah Winfrey

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