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Insiders Secrets to Leadership (6 MP3s & PDFs) - $129.00 (includes S&H)




Leadership By Conscious Design Interview Series:

"Insider's Secrets to Great Leadership"

Revealed ... timeless wisdom, practical tools and tips that today's authentic leaders rely on - even during the most challenging of times - to achieve their remarkable personal and professional success!

What if YOU could apply the same wisdom and tools to take YOUR leadership potential to another level?

It’s time to step up and lead others to their greatness!

If you’re leading a team, a project, an organization, a "small" business or a corporation, this leadership series is for YOU!

Wouldn't you want the interview series that contains valuable insights into great leadership? There is a special offer below that will give you just that, but first...

Wouldn’t it be incredible to learn the things these leaders embody that have lead them to their leadership success? Then you could apply the same wisdom that the leaders reveal - to YOUR own life - to achieve more confidence, clarity, and connection with others.

Are YOU ready to hear from great leaders who are authentic?

These incredibly successful heart-based leaders have stepped up to share their wisdom and coach YOU . . . so that, YOU too can achieve remarkable personal and professional success!!!

  • Be better prepared for the changing landscape in business
  • Learn unique perspectives on must have leadership skills for the 21st century
  • Recognize a new kind of leader and discover a new way of leading
  • Evaluate if you are a Conscious Leader
  • Learn the secret to earning trust
  • Learn the common threads of leadership advice from 6 diverse, heart-based, leadership experts

Power Tools - Book $17.00 (includes S&H)

Power Tools BookPaperback: 230 pages (Additional resource list & notes section)


This book is written by top executive coaches and corporate trainers from all around the country.  It includes the latest business tools and techniques.

Each chapter is like a mini-workshop filled of thought-provoking ideas to help you take stock of your executive potential and gain the skills needed to succeed.  Divided into three sections: Essential Tools, Tools to Building Winning Teams, and Tools for the High Impact Leadership, this book provides a variety of skills that executives need.  Patrica Varley contributes to the latter section with her "Staying in the Eye of the Hurricane".  She provides valuable tips for leaders to successfully navigate change.

Because You Matter:
10 Heart-Centered Principles for Living the Life You Desire
- Workbook $13.00 (includes S&H)

Because You Matter: 10 Heart-Centered Principles for Living the Life You Desire - Workbook

This workbook augments the "Because You Matter" program and teleclass but it can be very helpful if read and followed on its own. 

bullet The Balance/Integration Principle
bullet The Values/Integrity Principle
bullet The Authenticity/Uniqueness Principle
bullet The Inspiration Principle
bullet The Mission/Greater Purpose Principle

The Intuition Principle
The Compassion Principle
The Transformation Principle
The Mastery Principle
The Warrior Principle

10 Week Teleclass Program with Manual
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