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Edgewalkers Coaching & Facilitation

edgewalkers-sealNew! I was recently certified as the first and as of yet only Edgewalkers Coach & Facilitator in the United States (there are others doing this work internationally as well).

Edgewalkers is a movement started by a book written by Dr. Judi Neal.  I co-lead Edgewalkers Retreats: People and Organizations that Take Risks, Build Bridges and Break New Ground and Women Walking on the Leading Edge.

Learn more about Edgewalkers at http://www.edgewalkers.org

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An Edgewalker is someone who walks between the worlds. In ancient cultures, each tribe or village had a shaman or medicine man. This was the person who walked into the invisible world to get information, guidance and healing for members of the tribe. This was one of the most important roles in the village. Today's corporate edgewalkers serve a similar function, interpreting trends from the marketplace, translating messages across departments, and envisioning the future impact of today's decisions and actions. "Edgewalking" doesn't come without its own risks and challenges; these unconventional people often clash with more traditional, rule-bound colleagues, and they are often frustrated by organizational systems that emphasize quantitative results over creative impulses. And yet in today's fast-changing, globalized business environment, organizations must recruit and support these people in order to stay competitive.

Excerpt from Edgewalkers by Dr. Judi Neal

Past Retreats:

May 2009 Edgewalkers Retreat

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