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certified edgewalker consultant
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Patricia Varley
Certified Edgewalker
Coach & Facilitator

I believe that what makes us authentic, our inherent uniqueness, is likened to a buried treasure that is waiting to be discovered and revealed. We each have a purpose for being on the planet that cannot be filled by another. The Universe is one mind and expresses itself in an infinite number of ways through each individual. As we tap into and cultivate our inner gifts with awareness and intention, we can uniquely express ourselves in our professional, personal and spiritual lives. Since we are all connected, there is no need to compete with one another. There is no lack. The illusion of competition comes from the belief that we are separate from the Universe and one another, that there is not enough to go around. As we embrace the truth that each of us has been brought here now to fill a certain need, then competition can be replaced with cooperation and collaboration. We will share who we are from a consciousness of contribution, not survival. Our authenticity will be celebrated not feared. Together as one we will heal our inner life, our home life, and our work life that will in turn transform our planet.

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